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5 Reasons Why Our New Stud System Will Impress You


There are many reasons why you should use our new Duplex® Stud System, here's 5 that will definitely impress you...

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5 Reasons Why Our New Stud System Will Impress You

1. DUPLEX® Stud is one Stud that does the job of two. It replaces two regular Wall Studs that are typically boxed together at door frames, internal glazing and jambs.

2. Less products to install means much quicker installations, delivering you with the all-important labour cost savings.

3. It has a greater load capacity than standard Steel Studs, so it can be used as a Wall Stud in situations where regular Studs would require installation at closer centres.

4. Higher walls can be achieved before Noggings are required. When your wall is lined both sides, you can achieve a wall height of up to 6 metres before requiring a Nogging.

5. It perfectly integrates with our popular Slotted Deflection Head Track to provide better, positive connections.