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Cancer Lab Set To Explore New Research


The $1 billion world-class Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is a purposely-built facility for cancer research, treatment and care in the heart of Melbourne. It is one of the largest and most complex construction projects currently underway in Australia, and upon completion in 2016, will set a new benchmark in the consultative design and construction of hospitals. The VCCC is being developed on the former dental hospital (FDH Building Site) in the biomedical research precinct to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, connected by new bridging and decking structures. Grocon have a joint venture partnership with PCL, who are currently enlisting the skills of contractors Arc Plaster, Upgrade Interiors and Comcraft Constructions and will maintain the recruitment of additional contractors where deemed necessary as the project progresses. 

Design requirements had to be completed prior to commencement of trades, with an extensive design folder put together by Rondo’s Technical Services Team. The design of all wall types for the entire project were carried out by Grocon’s engineering department, assisted by Rondo’s own Engineers. Since the project’s commencement, Rondo has been supplying wall and ceiling systems, including; 92mm x 0.75bmt, 150mm x 0.75bmt and 64mm x 1.15bmt Steel Stud, Deflection Head Tracks, Base Wall Track, Speed Panel Track and KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling Systems. Rondo has also been conducting weekly site inspections at the project to ensure that works are being carried out according to specification and to be on hand to assist with any technical queries.