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New Rondo 311D Dual Direct Fix Clip


The current Rondo 311 Clip, which was originally designed to suit the Rondo 310 (35mm deep) Ceiling Batten, will now be replaced with the new, superior 311D Clip, which features an additional slot to also accommodate for the Rondo 303 (24mm deep) Ceiling Batten.

Previously, Rondo 303 Batten could only be screw-fixed via the flanges, however it can now be installed using the 311D Dual Direct Fix Clip. For example; where roof trusses or joists are not level enough to risk fixing direct to the bottom chord, the 311D clip can be used.

For convenience, the Rondo 311D Clip is clearly marked to show the installer which position on the clip each Batten should be installed. To ensure safety standards are upheld, the 311D has been designed and tested to ensure it will still perform if the 310 Batten is mistakenly installed into the 303 Batten slot. Conversely, it is impossible to install Rondo 303 Batten into the 310 Batten slot.

All current span tables relevant to direct-fixing of Rondo 303 and 310 battens remain applicable, and the new Rondo 311D Clip will take on the same price and packaging quantities of the superseded Rondo 311 Clip.

For more information, contact your local Rondo Sales Office.