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One-Way Erected Wall Solution At The Stunning Melbourne Square


Melbourne Square is set to be one of the largest developments in Victoria’s history, comprising of 6 towers (4 residential, an office and a hotel) on the 20,260m2 site.

To kick off the project Rondo provided a Design R Specification to Multiplex for the lobby ceiling and external walls. The design criteria detailed the building as ‘Importance Level 3’ and therefore, required seismic considerations and also had a maximum wall height of 5 metres. Wall and ceilings Contractor, Express Interiors, was awarded the project, and together we were able to streamline the installation process, with frequent site visits being made before the COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions were introduced.

Like many buildings, a shaft is used for mechanical services enabling them to pass from one level to the next. The lining for a shaft can only be installed from one side, while still needing to meet requirements for fire and acoustics.

To meet these specific requirements, a Shaft Liner System was installed which incorporated steel components from our Rondo SHAFTWALL One-Way Erected Wall System. The Rondo CH-Studs are designed to hold the Shaft Liner in place and provide the correct distance from the Shaft Liner to the plasterboard, presenting a clean straight face to fix the plasterboard to. Rondo’s SHAFTWALL System complemented the Shaft Liner in providing a solution that is easy, safe and fast to install.

Once complete, Melbourne Square will be an attractive destination to locals and tourists. However, during construction, it will create employment opportunities throughout multiple stages of the project and boost the local community in what has been difficult and uncertain times.