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Rondo Professional Design Manual


The brand new Rondo Professional Design Manual brings together our entire range of technical literature (and more) into one, simply organised technical reference.  

Inside you’ll find detailed technical design information on all of our most popular products and systems, along with our more specialised systems and there is also a newly created Accessories section, with everything you need to know on items such as Top Hats, Reveal Beads, Angles and Tools.

We’ve used the highest quality 3D rendered architectural images so the user can clearly see how our systems work in situ.

Its a huge 250+ pages so we've broken it down by sections for you to download, OR you can download the full manual below...

Ceilings CoverThe "Ceilings" section of the Design Manual covers;

KEY-LOCK Suspended Ceiling System, DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System (Aluminium Grid Ceiling System incorporated into DUO), WALK-ABOUT Trafficable Ceiling System and Steel Studs as Ceiling Joists.

Download the Ceilings section of the Design Manual

Rondo Wall SystemsThe "Walls" section of the Rondo Professional Design Manual covers;

Steel Stud Drywall Framing System, MAXIframe External Wall Framing System, QUIET STUD Acoustic Wall System and Masonry Wall (using Rondo Furring Channel and clips)

Download the Walls section of the Design Manual

Finishing Sections CoverThe "Finishing" section of the Rondo Professional Design Manual covers;

EXANGLE Drywall Finishing Sections, EXANGLE Render & Texture Finishing Sections and EXTREME PVC Beads for Plasterboard & Render

Download Finishing Sections from the Design Manual

Panther CoverThe "Access Panels" section of the Rondo Professional Design Manual covers all PANTHER Access Panels for Rondo Wall and Ceiling Systems.

Download the Access Panels section of the Design Manual
Rondo-Professional-Design-ManualThe complete Rondo Professional Design Manual.

Download the full Rondo Professional Design Manual