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Strong Walls For Perth's New Impressive Museum


A recent ‘Get The Bigger Picture’ initiative gathers HASSELL+OMA Architects and Multiplex to design and build a world class destination. WA State Government’s hopes to showcase its heritage with iconic state collections in a new and modern facility.

Working with the ceiling and wall contractor, Ceilcon, Rondo provided the internal wall designs which required more complex and specialised solutions due to the weight of artworks, the height of the walls and the necessity for maximising the allowable floor space of the gallery.

To overcome the challenge of achieving wall heights between a big 6-9 meters, within the limited wall space were internal stud frame walls needed to be no greater than 92mm, and to accept potential loadings of up to 100kg that could supported 500mm off the wall, Rondo Engineers understood the challenge and designed a stronger steel wall frame using the Rondo MAXIjamb® members as a studs, which are produced from hi tensile steel with a base metal thickness of 1.20 for added strength.

The Museum was categorised as ‘Building Importance Level 3’ which therefore required seismic loading to be considered. For the ceilings, Rondo Engineers designed our KEY-LOCK® Seismic Ceiling System to support the BASWA acoustic ceiling system. Plenum bracing solutions were introduced in many areas of the project due to the seismic design requirements. Rondo had an early technical involvement with a long-term Rondo customer, Ceilcon, and throughout the project Rondo helped onsite to overcome challenges while providing services and solutions in collaboration with the ceiling and wall contractor and the project design team.