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Top 5 reasons why you should use Ceiling Battens


We have a range of metal ceiling batten systems that are available for domestic internal use and even available for cyclonic and high wind regions.

Our 301 Ceiling Batten is 16mm high x 36mm wide, has a base metal thickness of 0.42 and is available in standard lengths of 4800mm and 6000mm.

Our 303 Ceiling Batten is designed for cyclonic and high-wind areas. It is 24mm high with a 30mm face, has a base metal thickness of 0.42 and is available in standard lengths of 4800mm and 6100mm.

Our made-to-order Ceiling Batten is Rondo 310. The 310 Ceiling Batten is 35mm high with a 40mm face, has a base metal thickness of 0.55 and is available by order in lengths of 3600mm, 4800mm, and 6000mm.

To accommodate the use of timber “I” beams, the 314 Direct Fixing Clip has been designed with two extra nail or screw slots placed lower down on the clip, with an additional temporary tab to assist installation.

The 390 Swivel Clip is a convenient solution for installing Rondo 301 Ceiling Batten in areas where the set out requires a change of roof truss direction. With the ability to rotate 360°, the Rondo 390 Swivel Clip saves time on site by allowing Contractors to easily turn the ceiling batten on an angle that suits the change in roof truss direction.

Both the 314 Direct Fixing Clip and 390 Swivel Clip incorporate a temporary holding tab that allows the clip to be tapped into the timber truss when at the required level. As the tab holds the clip in place, both of the installers’ hands are free for putting two permanent fixings through the clip and into the timber truss – ensuring installation is quick and easy.

Green timber should not come into contact with galvanised steel due to certain acidic substances in the timber which have a corrosive effect on the metallic coating. Some preservative treatments for wood can also have an adverse effect on metallic coated steel which it gets in contact with.

Rondo Ceiling Battens and accompanying clips have been load tested to ensure they meet all relevant standard requirements and can be accessed from our Rondo Partner Network.