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Why it’s a risk to substitute Steel Products in a Wall or Ceiling System


Risks of Substituting Steel Products in a Wall or Ceiling System


There’s no two ways about it, substituting other steel products into a Rondo wall or ceiling system can compromise the performance of the system, the safety of others, and your warranty.

It’s important to remember that not all wall and ceiling products are manufactured the same. There can be differences in design and production processes between suppliers. The products within Rondo Wall and Ceiling Systems have been designed, tested, and produced to work together – therefore a product within a Rondo system should not be substituted with a product from another supplier. Doing so may jeopardise onsite safety and system performance, and the system will not be warranted by Rondo.

One example is the Rondo 121 Rod (5mm Galvanised Rod) which is specifically for use in Rondo Ceiling Systems. Other manufacturers produce steel rod for ceilings, however it may be to different specifications which have not been tested with Rondo systems. In cases where Rondo 121 Rod has been substituted with a rod from another supplier, the Ceiling System is not guaranteed by Rondo.

Let us take you through our top 3 reasons why you must never mix your products in a Rondo wall or ceiling system:

1. The system may not perform as intended

  • Some imported or locally manufactured ceiling or wall products may look like ours, but have a reduced zinc coating thickness which means they’re less resistant to corrosion
  • Our wall and ceiling products are extensively tested to perform as a system. Swapping out our products with others may mean the system won’t perform as intended.
  • Our systems are designed to meet relevant standards and code requirements and differing design criteria by others may mean they aren’t up to spec

2. The safety of others could be jeopardised

  • If the system doesn’t perform as intended, a wall or ceiling system could potentially collapse and risk the safety of the building occupants
  • This is especially important when it comes to suspended ceilings, where a ceiling system collapse could lead to a devastating outcome
  • More recent events have highlighted the significant safety risks associated with the use of non-compliant building products

3. You’ll void your Rondo Warranty

  • Our products are designed and tested to perform as a system and we back them with a quality guarantee and provide it in writing
  • Replacing a product in a Rondo Wall or Ceiling System with another supplier’s product will mean it’s not what we’ve designed or tested, and therefore, it won’t be covered by the Rondo Warranty

For optimum performance and safety, and to ensure you are warranted for your job, only use Rondo products in your wall or ceiling system and make sure you purchase them from our Rondo Partner Network.