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Universities new Great Hall, great it is for sure. Category: Latest News |

The University Of South Australia (UNISA) certainly knows how to inspire learning with its surrounds. Unveiled at the end of 2017 the Great Hall, is the newest hub for students and staff of the UNISA.

Built by Mossop Construction & Interiors, the $50m hall is located on campus at Hindley Street in Adelaide’s CBD. The Great Hall, dubbed as a ‘one-stop shop’, will not only benefit University students and staff, but also the local community as it features a sports complex and swimming pool.


Rondo were approached to provide designs for full seismic requirements and worked with Ceiling & Wall Contractors Adelaide, to achieve the following:

1. Internal KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling (seismic rated) was needed in order to account for services loads and heavy lining weights 2. PANTHER® Wall & Ceiling Access Panels3. Bulkhead framing to support operable blind/curtain loads 


Further to this, Rondo also worked with their Technical Services department to provide solutions for Internal wall framing specification accounting for typical internal pressures and project specific seismic loads.

Designed by Architectural firm, JPE Design Studio, the multifunctional building will be the centre for UNISA sports, graduation, exams and an overall space for University functions. One of its main features is the multipurpose hall that can be transformed from a 2-basket court sports facility to a graduation and event space for up to 2000 people.



All in all, Rondo were proud to be part of a project that is set to transform the university experience of thousands of students over its lifetime.

Rondo products used in this project:

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