Design-R Specifications

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Design-R is the Rondo brand for a suite of resources that’ll assist you from the early concept stages, through to building completion. Our Design-R resources are backed by our Technical Sales Team who can present you with the Rondo Wall & Ceiling Systems that will benefit your next project.  We also offer fully customised Design-R Project Specifications for major projects that are put together by our team of in-house Engineers. It’s expert design advice from fully qualified Engineers that you can count on and it’s this level of expertise you need from a wall and ceilings supplier to get the job done right. But if you simply just want to know why we’re behind the best buildings, we have a ‘Why Choose Rondo’ brochure for you. And when you’re ready to discuss our services further, we can organise a presentation of our solutions by simply registering your interest with our Technical & Specification Reps.

'Why Choose Rondo' Brochure

There’s many reasons why you should choose Rondo for your next project and we cover them all in this handy brochure. We discuss our manufacturing capabilities, the quality of our products, how our environmental performance can deliver additional green points and how we stand behind our Warranty as we know that products will perform and are totally code compliant. We also detail our system solutions which gives you an insight into why we’re a market-leader and are behind the best buildings in Australia and Worldwide, all of which we showcase within the brochure.

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Download 'Why Choose Rondo' Brochure

Rondo 'Design-R' Tender for Major Project Specifications

Our Technical and Specification Representatives can work with you to develop a Design-R for your major project that includes technical drawings from our Professional Engineers, starting from early concepts and updated as the project progresses.

No two Design-R’s are the same. Each Design-R is customised with specific wall and ceiling drawings that are relevant to the design requirements for a particular project – we go much further than offering a simple cut and paste from our Professional Design Manual, and it’s this level of design support that really gives your project the Rondo advantage. Our team of Engineers are fully qualified with Bachelor Degrees in Engineering so you can be sure that your Design-R has been put together by professionals and offers design advice that you can rely on.


If you’d like to discuss your next major project and how we can support you with a Design-R, click here to register your interest today.

Rondo DUPLEX Stud® System Presentation

How much do you know about our new DUPLEX Stud® System. Our team of Technical and Specification Reps can show you this system through face-to-face presentations, and it could be at your office or ours. The presentation includes information about the system, including technical drawings, engineering performance and individual products within the system and will show you how other projects have benefited from its use.

If you’d like to register your interest in a DUPLEX Stud® System presentation today, click here.