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Rondo has pieced together several in-depth educational whitepapers outlining specific industry issues. Each thought leadership piece has been researched and written with the objective of providing you with a greater understanding of each subject matter.

Seismic Shift: The Focus on Seimic Design in Commercial Building Projects 

Seismic design is increasing in demand in both Australia and New Zealand. Recent events and changes to design standards have highlighted the need for new construction projects to be more comprehensive in their safety and structural integrity. Good building practice requires the collaboration of the Architect, Engineer and other design professionals. Download our Seismic Whitepaper to find out more about the shift in seismic design, assessing seismic risk and the statutory requirements you need to be aware of.


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The Rising Value of Innovation

Innovation has inherent value and is essential for the continual growth of the architectural, engineering and construction industries. Producing new products, technologies and processes not only uncovers existing problems but improves efficiencies in an environment faced with increasing pressure on both quality and deadlines.  Download our Innovation Whitepaper to find how innovation is changing the way buildings are designed and built today.

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The Benefits of Lightweight Steel for External Facades

Design and construction has and always will involve speed, cost and quality considerations. As building professionals we are often faced with pressure to deliver high-quality projects under strict time constraints and budget. Using lightweight systems can assist in achieving these requirements creating a lighter, yet strong solutions that also allows for design freedom and flexibility. Download our whitepaper to find out how lightweight steel for external wall and façade system construction can benefit your next project.


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A Specifiers Guide to Ceiling Grids Above Indoor Swimming Pools 

The pool has been an integral part of leisure culture for decades and has transformed and adapted with architectural trends, most recently, in line with the growing popularity of multi-residential apartments. Pools and spas have become more communal and designers and builders have consequently been exposed to a host of new unique and complex challenges posed by the damp and enclosed conditions indoor pools bring. Download our whitepaper to read about the key areas of concern and consideration when choosing a ceiling grid above an indoor swimming pool.

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Download our Indoor Swimming Pools Whitepaper


BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER - Understanding the Need of Contemporary Construction Culture

The Australian construction industry has been profiting from a boom period. Designers, specifiers and constructions professionals are now seeking ways to maintain this period of growth for as long as possible. Three key characteristics are essential for a product or system to remain viable within the robust contemporary construction industry: speed, efficiency and performance. Download our whitepaper to explore the meaning of each of these characteristics and takes a look at how the growing demand for such qualities has led to the development of new, innovative construction products and technologies.


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It is a common misconception that earthquakes do not affect Australia because the continent is situated in the middle of a tectonic plate. However, the reality is that intraplate earthquakes can – and do – occur in Australia. Their strength is significant and should not be underestimated by the design and construction sector. Earthquakes do pose a very real threat to Australian lives and structures. In light of this, it is essential that designers and specifiers take seismic performance into account when designing public buildings, in particular hospitals. Download our whitepaper


Download our Seismic Performance Requirements Whitepaper