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As technical solution providers, we are always on the lookout for ways to make your job easier. In addition to this, we know that Architects are increasing searching for assurance that the products they intend to use, conform to standards and comply with legislation so that they can be confident in their decision.

Now with Rondo and Masterspec Branded Work Sections, you can access product specifications faster and easier than ever before.


Construction Information Limited (CIL), operating as Masterspec, is New Zealand's market leading provider in specification systems and supporting software for the construction industry. On the Masterspec system there are seven libraries consisting of over 1000 work-sections, covering the entire construction process ready and waiting to be used.

Established in 1995, CIL offers the Masterspec specification systems to industry professionals including, architects, engineers, landscape architects, designers, utility companies, government organisations and tertiary institutions.

Based in Dominion Road, Auckland, CIL is 100% owned by the New Zealand Institute of Architects and the Registered Master Builders' Association.

MASTERSPEC allies with industry manufacturers (known as MASTERSPEC Product Partners) such as ourselves to create technical branded work-sections. These editable templates are available in MASTERSPEC specification portal NG2 and can be customised for your specification.

Masterspec and Rondo

As a Masterspec Product Partner, we have created branded work-sections relating to specific Rondo systems, namely Rondo Stud and Track Framing Systems, Ceiling Systems and our MAXIframe® External Wall Framing System.



What are the benefits?

Branded work-sections include the relevant information a Specifier may need, as they need it. This information includes relevant installation details, on-going care instructions, system guarantees related documentation references and provision of building codes, all of which are fully integrated into each specification system. You can rest assured knowing the information provided has been reviewed by both Masterspec and our technical staff and is updated regularly to maintain the accuracy.

The Masterspec branded work-sections offer a number of advantages to architects including:

  • Templates can be edited using the Q & A functionality, getting you 90% of the way there with minimum time required to complete the Rondo section
  • Current product information is readily available and accessible via hyperlinks between the template and our website, reducing research time
  • Reliable industry knowledge and regular updates where required of standards and building codes

For more information, please visit the Masterspec website.