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Rondo's Learning Online modules are FREE to all of our customers, and will help you learn everything you need to know to understand Rondo systems and their application.

To access the ‘Level 1 Rondo Product Training’ module, simply click on the button on the right and you will be taken to in a new window. Enter with the username and password below then choose your module.

Username: rondo
Password: rondo

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Rondo Level 1 Product Training Module

On completion of Rondo Learning Online, you will be able to:

  • Detail the features and benefits of each Rondo system
  • Explain the basic installation process and typical application of each system
  • Offer helpful solutions in response to common customer enquiries
  • Know what information can be sourced from Rondo’s literature range and website

Module Format:

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The interactive online Rondo product training takes roughly one hour to complete, and includes a range of handy tips as well as answers to commonly asked questions. Make sure the sound is turned on for maximum benefit of the full audio/visual program.

To pass the module, you will need to correctly answer 16 out of 20 questions at the end of the training, and those who succeed in doing this will be acknowledged with their own Rondo Certificate, which is sent via post. Those who don’t pass have no need to worry as the Rondo Learning Online modules can be completed as many times as necessary to achieve a basic product understanding.

What others have said

“Very good idea, able to incorporate into our training of apprentices”

“Great basic learning”

“As a Former/Future Trade Teacher/Assessor for the Wall & Ceiling Industry and as a 32 year Plastering practitioner… I find this resource invaluable and I look forward to utilising it in a Teaching Environment. Well Done!!”

“Became familiar with new products introduced and applications was pertinent”