Rondo Skills Interactive Training




Skills 2




 Designed to give you a deeper understanding of our products and systems, Rondo Skills Training Level 2 is a free hands-on intermediate course that takes your training to the next level.

What to expect

On completing Rondo Skills 2, all participants will be able to:

  • Install an EXANGLE® P01 bead using compound
  • Install a DUO® Exposed Ceiling System
  • Install a Steel Stud small partition wall with a window
  • Install a KEY-LOCK® Suspended Ceiling System
  • 'Square' a room
  • Understand system modules
  • Understand Load Carrying Capacities
  • Supporting of a light in a KEY-LOCK® Suspended Ceiling System
  • Understand common terminology and the advantages of each system
  • Understand which tools are used by contractors and why.

Who should attend

  • SKILLS 1 participants who require more practical experience working with Rondo systems
  • Sales Representatives who are already familiar with some Rondo products, but not all
  • Apprentices who work with plasterboard or metal systems

What others have said

"The hands on element was superb. We were able to install the DUO & KEY-LOCK systems ourselves"

"Learnt a lot and also refreshed some previous training"

"Interactive display of the Rondo diagrams were good. Responses to questions were excellent"

"Hands on was professionally delivered. Plus a few well delivered jokes"



 Rondo Skills 3 Training Update

Rondo Skills 3 is a mostly theory-based Product Training Program aimed at users requiring an advanced knowledge of Rondo products.



  • Introduction to Rondo Seismic Wall and Ceiling Systems
  • Read span and load tables for Rondo ceiling applications, KEY-LOCK Concealed Suspended Ceiling System and DUO Exposed Grid Ceiling System
  • Read wall height tables for Rondo Steel Stud & Track installations
  • Introduction to MAXIframe® External Wall Framing Systems
  • Read design charts for MAXIframe® External Wall Framing Systems, including calculations of the maximum achievable window openings
  • Determine Steel Wall construction requirements, including noggings and deflection head tracks
  • Understand how sloped ceiling and bulkheads are constructed
  • Interpret system requirements from architectural drawings


  • SKILLS 2 participants who require an even greater technical knowledge of working with Rondo systems
  • Senior Sales Representatives who are already familiar with all Rondo products

    Christchurch Training Facility

    The Rondo Christchurch site has a purpose-built product training facility to help develop the skills and knowledge of Rondo Network Partners, architects, builders, engineers and sub-contractors in using Rondo systems and products.  Rondo understands the importance of seismic in New Zealand and has incorporated their Rondo Seismic Wall and Ceiling System into the training facility.


    Meet our Product Trainer – John Piepers

    John 2bJohn has an extensive career in engineering, spending 22 years working throughout Australia and Europe early on, before joining HMAS Nirimba as a Technical Instructor where he developed his skills in Teaching. For six years John worked as Technical Instructor, at the same time completing various job-related courses and Teaching after work at night for TAFE NSW.

    Rondo was lucky enough to welcome John into the company in 1993 as an Engineer within our Research and Development Department. Here he spent time researching new product innovations, designing and drawing profiles, and testing Rondo products – playing the lead role in the development and launch of our Rondo DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System in 1999.

    When the National Product Trainer position came up in 2011, John was excited to have the opportunity to combine both his technical and teaching skills into the one role, where he could educate customers all over Australia and New Zealand with the knowledge he had gained over his last 20 years at Rondo. Although already having completed it some years prior, John studied Certificate 4 Training and Assessment in 2011 to ensure his teaching methods are up-to-date with current practices and available technologies.


    For more information regarding SKILLS 2 for Intermediate or SKILLS 3 for Advanced, speak with your Rondo Sales Representative or register your interest here.