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An Unrivalled Reputation For Quality Steel Products, And Trusted Design Solutions


Rondo prides itself on providing innovative, lightweight steel products, and industry-leading design solutions for even the most complex projects.



What do zippers and ceiling systems have in common? Plenty! What you may not know is that Rondo’s journey began in 1959 producing metal zippers in a factory in the Western Sydney suburb of St Marys, Australia. To improve employee working conditions and reduce heat from the factory roof, Rondo’s founder Eric Cuckson developed a thermal aluminium foil ceiling system. Once word spread about this innovation, orders came in and it was then manufactured, distributed, and installed in other buildings.

Fast forward to 1993, and Rondo was in full swing manufacturing the very best quality rolled formed steel studs for the construction industry, opening the first overseas operation in Auckland, supplying local made- products to the New Zealand market.

Rondo NZ Factory Floor


This set the foundation for an invaluable relationship between Rondo, and the New Zealand construction industry. Following the devastating events of the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, Rondo pioneered the release of the first wall and ceiling seismic solutions to the New Zealand market and provided localised support and service to builders and contractors with the opening of Rondo, Christchurch.

Today, in 2023, Rondo has proudly grown alongside the construction industry here in New Zealand, mainly based on the trust built through the supply of superior products, and knowledgeable support.



A superior product is only half the equation to delivering a quality, compliant project.

Effective wall and ceiling design is just as important, and Rondo are leading the way in supporting architects, designers, builders, and contractors to understand, install and deliver compliant projects.

Rondo’s team of Design Engineers approach designs with the firm knowledge that no two projects are the same but consist of countless variables determining the details of a truly compliant but efficient design, which cannot be achieved using standard calculations.

Rondo’s General Manager of Engineering Design Service, Dane Griffin, believes that “each and every project is different, even if they are only small, the differences are there. There is a skill in defining and leveraging efficiencies out of the beneficial project idiosyncrasies and this is what Rondo’s Design engineers do well.”

Rondo custom design example, for illustrative purposes only


Because the sequence of sizeable earthquakes experienced over the last decade has provided the impetus for the incorporation of both new, and a review of several existing requirements for seismic design of new buildings, this understanding, and level of customisation is critically important to building occupant safety.

Rondo are passionate about supporting compliance along the course of a project, providing product specification assistance to architects, wall and ceiling design to builders and contractors, and on-site support to installers implementing Rondo designs. 

A quality, code compliant project starts with a Rondo design.