Steel Stud Drywall Ceiling System


Steel Stud Ceiling System 804 lrg

Rondo Steel Studs may be used as a ceiling structure, which is particularly useful in situations where it is difficult to install a suspended ceiling system.

Typical applications include corridors, bathrooms or open roof areas. In corridors it is often used to hide services such as air conditioning ducts, fire sprinkler pipework and electrical and data cabling.

By using the Rondo 51mm x 0.50bmt Steel Stud along with the matching steel track on the walls, you can span over 1800mm at 600mm centres for 10mm plasterboard lining. For 16mm plasterboard lining, it will span over 1700mm when spaced 600mm apart. You can download our Steel Stud Ceiling System Span Tables for details of single or continuous spans, and single or boxed studs.

The span tables also show the minimum rows of bridging based on ceiling span and lining condition (lined one side). Bridging in a ceiling serves the same purpose as Noggings do in a stud wall.

Rondo Steel Studs can also be used for ceiling bulkheads where a drop greater than 600mm makes it difficult to use our Furring Channels. To carry the additional layers of plasterboard and framing members, bulkheads require independent suspension. This can be achieved by fixing the framing directly to the structural soffit or providing additional suspension hangers to the bulkhead. All bulkheads require bracing to provide lateral stability to the framework during incidental loading. This may be achieved by providing stud bracing, fixed diagonally between the bulkhead framework and the structural soffit at regular intervals, or alternatively, by rigidly coupling the ceiling to the bulkhead. Learn more…

Ceiling Friction Joints using Steel Stud provide allowance for movement of building elements and Mechanical Joints are required where the maximum spans of the ceiling exceeds those allowable for Friction Joints, or where a more positive connection is required. Read more…

Suitable for

  • Corridors
  • Bathrooms
  • Open Rood Areas
  • Applications where it is difficult to install a suspended system
  • Fire-raterd and non-fore rated areas
  • Seismic System by design


  • Useful in areas where it is difficult to intall a suspended ceiling system
  • Availble in custom lengths
  • Manufactured from BlueScope Steel with a minimus coating of Z275
  • Profile widths range from 51 to 150mm, and guages from 0.50 to 1.15bmt.

Steel Stud Drywall Ceiling Components

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MANUAL– Detailed Technical Information for Industry Professionals

Professional Design Manual

Steel Stud Drywall Ceiling System

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Professional Design Manual

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