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When you choose Rondo, you get peace of mind, knowing our products are high quality, long-lasting, and designed to enable faster and safer installations. You also benefit from receiving wall and ceiling designs from a qualified Engineer who applies all NZBC requirements to ensure your installation is structurally code compliant. Sure, you may be able to find cheaper products or a wall and ceiling design using fewer materials - but cutting corners has a cost. 



An Unrivalled Reputation for Quality Steel Products, and Trusted Design Solutions

A superior product is only half the equation to delivering a quality, compliant project.

Effective wall and ceiling design is just as important, and Rondo are leading the way in supporting architects, designers, builders, and contractors to understand, install and deliver compliant projects.

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Exceptional Design and Support Services for New Zealand Customers

As a Rondo customer, you have access to the very best technical advice from our Technical Sales Team and Design Engineers.

You’ll also benefit from a comprehensive design service that can assist you from beginning concepts all the way through to building completion. This free in-house design service can be used for all projects where Rondo products are specified and covers all our systems and products, that we deem suitable. 

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