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Rondo targets towards zero with our company safety program

Safety is essential in any business, but it’s even more crucial in a Manufacturing, Maintenance and Distribution environment. That’s why Safety has always been a core value for everyone at Rondo and we have developed a program to support this value.

What Do We Mean By Working Towards Zero?

 This program is known as, Towards Zero, and it is designed to;

  • Clearly communicate our goal of zero incidents, zero injuries and zero excuses
  • Ensure every Rondo employee is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
  • Create a strong safety culture at Rondo by working together

Zero Incidents: This includes everything from near misses, to accidents, bullying or harassment or inappropriate behaviour

Zero Injuries: Ranging from a minor incident through to a severe injury

Zero Excuses:

    • We put Safety first in every situation
    • Every Employee is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
    • All hazards, incidents and injuries are to be reported
    • We speak up if we’re aware of any Safety issues or incidents of bullying and harassment
    • We will work together to create a strong safety culture at Rondo
    • Safety will not be driven by cost or resistance to change.

Rondo Towards Zero Non-Negotiables 

We know that zero is a big goal for Rondo. It goes without saying that closing the gap on zero incidents and injuries is a long-term objective. But together, we are committed to taking steps towards our goal and improving the way we do things year after year. Indeed, every step counts and having a safer workplace for our people makes every effort worthwhile.

To further ensure the safety of our Employees, Contractors and Visitors, Rondo has introduced six Towards Zero – Non-Negotiables that everyone entering any Rondo site must follow.

  • "I am responsible for the safety of myself and others"
  • "I use appropriate Manual Handling Techniques"
  • "I always wear my PPE"
  • "I adhere to mobile plant rules" 
  • "I will follow the isolation procedure" 
  • "I shall be safe when working off the ground"