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Rondo and Tracklok partner to provide leading seismic wall and ceiling solutions to the Australian market


Wednesday 15th May 2019

Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd, is excited to announce a multi-year, exclusive arrangement with TRACKLOK® Ltd to supply the Australian commercial construction sector with pre-engineered seismic solutions for wall and ceiling systems.

“We’re focused on delivering solutions that add value to our Customers. In our discussions with TRACKLOK® Ltd we found that by incorporating their products in our Seismic Wall and Ceiling Systems, our Customers would benefit from quicker installations and therefore reduced labour costs. Being able to speed up installation whilst achieving seismic compliance, is an attractive offer to our customers" said Paul Schampers, GM Sales and Marketing for Rondo.

Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd is working to integrate TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® products into their wall and ceiling offerings, allowing customers access to the very best in seismic compliance with a view to improving resiliency in the built environment.

With a full range of TRACKLOK® bracing clips for wall systems and GRIDLOK® bracing clips for ceiling systems this exclusive arrangement will allow Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd to offer complete packages designed to achieve compliance while streamlining the build process and reducing labour.

“With over six years of testing and real-world experience in highly seismic regions of New Zealand we are pleased to partner with Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd to ensure Australia has access to these unique seismic bracing solutions” said Shaun Evans, Director of TRACKLOK® Ltd. “The ability of Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd’s distributor network and engineering capabilities will ensure seismic compliance is an opportunity for all.”

Press Contact for Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd
Contact first and last name: Melanie Picken
Title: Group Marketing Manager
Phone: +61 2 9912 7331

Press Contact for TRACKLOK® Ltd 
Contact first and last name: Shaun Evans
Title: Director Phone: +64 21 152 9136

Rondo is a market leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of internal and external wall and ceiling systems, along with complementary accessories for the building and construction industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UAE.

Our core philosophy of saving lives, property and assisting business continuation has led us to develop the TRACKLOK® and GRIDLOK® range of products. This range of pre-engineered, off the shelf products enables architects, designers, structural engineers, construction companies and installers to mitigate the risk on non-structural failure in commercial buildings. The TRACKLOK® system for walls and the GRIDLOK® system for ceilings are perfect examples of applying logic, innovation and best practice to mitigate risk and improve building resilience.