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Rondo Gets a Facelift


The foyer went from being a bare space, to a welcoming little hub featuring four panels that reflect Rondo’s history, from past, present to future along the wall. The area now includes a place to sit and wait with the ability to watch Rondo’s Multimedia Presentation or read an industry magazine, including our very own publication, InsideR. The area presents a warmer, presentable feel to ensure visitors feel comfortable and at ease.

Each meeting room now features a glaze that represents several aspects of Rondo’s culture from founder, Eric E Cuckson to famous projects, current employees and our product. The canteen where majority of staff enjoy their lunch and breaks, has a nicely appointed internet kiosk area for those who want to catch up on the news as well a detailed wall mural that strongly represents our people, finishing off the section with a quote from Eric Cuckson; 

“The best single asset that a company can have in producing at a profit is the contentment and welfare of the working people”.

Lastly, but certainly not least – the Factory corridor is all about Rondo’s top 10 product design classics, featuring everything from DUO 1 to the 2534 clip. So if you happen to be onsite, make sure you take the time to look around. You never know, you might even spot your face in the artwork.