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The impact resulted in a sub pack of loose metal studs spearing through the rear window and shattering the front windscreen of the truck. Fortunately in this instance, no physical injuries were incurred; however the incident undoubtedly had the potential to be fatal.

A similar incident occurred in 2009, resulting in a thorough investigation as to the correct preventative measures to avoid the load from spearing through the cabin. Subsequently, Rondo modified its vehicles and issued a public safety alert detailing these modifications and recommending that they be installed on vehicles carrying Rondo products.

Rondo strongly advises that all customers, drivers and distributors of Rondo products to conduct a thorough risk assessment and take preventative action to ensure the risk of product spearing through the cabin is eliminated. Below are the requirements which we recommend are adopted:

  • All Rondo trucks as a minimum must have 50 x 75 x 4mm wire mesh fitted to the headboard. The mesh will not hinder visibility but will protect the passengers in case of a load spearing.
  • Sub packs of rod will be loaded below the height of the headboard.
  • Sub packs and random quantity packs will not be loaded above the height of the headboard for all vehicles.

For more information, please contact your local State office on 1300-36-7663.