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Rondo Steel Battens: The Clever Swap-Out to Minimise Ceiling Maintenance


When it comes to minimising maintenance costs for building owners, prevention of peaking or cracked joints, and popped fasteners, can notably mitigate the need for ceiling repairs and maintenance in the future.

Ceiling battens play a pivotal role in providing a stable substrate for plasterboard ceiling linings, so it is no surprise that GIB Rondo's 310 Metal Battens are fast becoming the smart alternative to timber battens for both commercial and residential projects.

Notoriously prone to temperature or atmospheric-induced movement and shrinkage, timber will likely cause increased ceiling movement and damage, making the benefits of swapping out timber for steel too significant to ignore.

GIB Rondo 310 Metal Ceiling Battens do not warp or twist with changes in moisture or temperatures significantly reducing the chances of cracked joints and popped fasteners.

The battens are lightweight and compact, providing easy handling and storage, with the added benefit of cost-effective transportation.

Availability in three lengths, 3.6, 4.8 and 6 metres, allows for easier installation with reduced cutting. When used with a 13mm thick plasterboard, GIB Rondo 310 Metal Battens can be installed at 600mm centres, meaning a faster installation and reduced labour costs.

Treated with a Z275 coating that exceeds the NZBC durability requirements for interior use, GIB Rondo 310 Metal Battens provide exemplary anti-corrosion protection, providing even further aid in the prevention of future ceiling maintenance.