Aluminium Grid Ceiling System



The Rondo Aluminium Grid Ceiling System is an alternative to the Rondo DUO® Exposed Grid Ceiling System.

Unlike the DUO system, the Aluminium main tee to cross tee intersection is a butt joint, which provides a flat, ghost free surface to fit the ceiling panel.

The cross tees have integrated locking tags enabling them to snap together positively at intersections whilst the main tee has a separate splicing plate to join lengths of the main tee together.

What You'll Like About Our Aluminium Grid Ceiling System

  • Available in pre-finished powder-coated white
  • Intersection butt joint for ghost-free surface
  • Compatible with other Rondo components including hanger brackets, aluminium angle and shadowline perimeter trims
  • Accepts both mineral fibre and plasterboard ceiling panels

Aluminium Components

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PROFESSIONAL DESIGN MANUAL– Detailed Technical Information for Industry Professionals

Professional Design Manual

"Aluminium" section of the Rondo Professional Design Manual

For design or installation of Rondo Aluminium Ceiling System, including main tee, cross tee, joiners, wall angle and suspension clips.

Professional Design Manual

Rondo Professional Design Manual including all sections

The complete Rondo Professional Design Manual covers ceiling and wall systems, as well as complementary products.

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