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Not all wall systems are created equal – why you need to read Rondo’s newest Whitepaper on Innovation


Simply relying on how things have been done in the past cannot provide the solutions for the future

You’ve probably noticed that the word “innovation” has lost a lot of its original impact due to its flippant and frequent use by most brands and advertising agencies. Consequently, many consumers now dismiss it as a marketing gimmick.

However, it does have intrinsic value when sought for more than its own sake, instead of attempting to solve a problem. In other words, when it is used proactively instead of reactively.

Rondo’s Whitepaper entitled The Rising Value of Innovation looks at how innovation relates to the modern construction industry.


The whitepaper talks about why innovation holds the potential to minimise internal stakeholders or the number of steps required to complete a project and therefore, contribute to the overall efficiency of the industry.

The paper goes on to examine recently developed innovative technologies, before proposing how these technologies can prove doubly useful to uncover existing problems, on top of improving efficiency.

What’s more, new technologies such as BIM and 3D Printing have changed the way buildings are designed and built today, and this calls for a more widespread problem-solving mentality to counter rising construction costs and increasing pressure on quality and deadlines.

Our Whitepaper argues that as the challenge of rising construction costs and the pressure to build projects faster and a to a higher standard continues, there will be increased demand for specialist knowledge. This is why, we should shift the conversation away from short term cost reducing initiatives and towards long-term gain of maximising value. Enter proactive, tangible innovation not just marketing lip service.


With over 55 years of experience successfully releasing innovative products to the industry, Rondo is in a particularly apt position to develop new system solutions that speed up product installations on site, delivering both material and labour cost savings.

So, with this innovative spirit in mind Rondo created our unique DUPLEX® Stud System. A practical, single product designed to offer the performance of two standard studs, planned in response to the industry need for speeding up construction time and reducing labour costs.



Single DUPLEX steel studs can be used to frame door and glazing openings, where traditionally two standard steel studs have often been boxed together. Furthermore, Architects, Engineers and construction teams can capitalise on the strength offered by the DUPLEX Stud System®, installing higher walls before noggings are required.

Ready to check out our Whitepaper now? Then download a copy here